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MG MGA - alternator repairs

anyone know who in South London would check/repair alternators?
H L Davy

Any decent auto electrician should be able to check out an alternator for you fairly easily H L.

I would expect they will also put you onto a repairer if necessary.

You can buy a new Lucas alternators at really low prices though if you check out the classic car mags.

Best of luck
Colyn Firth

The regulator/diode packs for alternators are available as a seperate unit. I have seen the testing procedure described in workshop manuals, but you would need a later type mgb manual or similar.
Lindsay Sampford

At present I have a dynamo on the MGA and I can't be bothered to fit an alternator to test it on the car in this weather, though I will change them in the spring! Come to think of it I guess I could swap them onto my Minor, which is using an alternator!
H L Davy

I feel it realy is not worth mucking about you can buy one outright for 39.99.

David swaine

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