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MG MGA - Alternator Wiring--Update from April Thread.

Colyn...I wired the Hella unit up as a Lucas 18acr and it has been working fine. I also have just installed a voltmeter and the readings are between about 12.5v on battery and 14v when driving. I now realise why I had so many battery problems. With my many mods. ( incl spots and radiator fans ) the old generator must have been losing the battle on every journey . Now the car cranks over strongly and no overnight charging..
I also had the issue of the ignition light staying on even atfar the key was turned followed your plastic strip advice and....all OK.
Neil Ferguson

Thats great Neil, Im glad that insulating the regulator contacts worked for you too.
I was reluctant to strip out a perfectly good regulator just to use it as a connector strip and I was also hedging my bets in that if my alternator conversion failed, then I could always easily convert it back to a generator.

I still havent fitted my electric fan yet, my oversize injection moulded plastic one works really well but boy is it noisy! I was using engine braking to get down some very steep hills in Wales a couple of weeks ago and the fan was howling away like a banshee with the car revving away in 2nd gear!

It really gets on my nerves after a time and so the electric one will be fitted soon. I am just a little reluctant to experiment with it just now as a few of us are off on a tour of the Mont Blanc region in a few weeks time and the car seems to run quite cool as it is.
So I will put up with the noise for that trip and try the electric fan later in the summer.

I converted to alternator a few years ago with the intention of fitting the electric fan soon afterwards but it is still in my garage waiting for me to take the plunge. (and also waiting for Lyndsays final electric fan report too)

Colyn Firth

Neil, I forgot to ask if you have noticed if your ignition light glows slightly on occasion? ( even when the engine is revving well above tickover)

I only see this sometimes on a night time and I had it checked out by an auto-electrician I know.
He tells me that it is due to the peculiarities of the MGA wiring loom and to just ignore it.

He also suggested that I should connect the wire from the alternator directly to the ignition light and not use the original wire in the loom.
But I havent gotten around to trying this yet so I dont know if it would work .

Colyn Firth

Colyn..I have not noticed the ignition light coming on..but then I have not done much night driving recently. Will observe from now on ...
Can recommend the electric fans . I have twin push fan set up and removed the mechanical unit ...all about 3 years ago and works well..even in summer here.
Neil Ferguson

Neil, the ignition light gives only a faint glow, it doesnt fully illuminate and I dont think it would be visible in daylight. I have heard that this happens from a few other people who have converted to alternator.

(It was seeing your twin fan set up on this forum that made me decided to explore the electric fan subject. But as my car doesnt run very hot, 160 to 165 deg normally, I decided to try a single fan first and see if this alone without the mechanical fan will do the job.)
Colyn Firth

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