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MG MGA - Aluminium Hardtop

The bargains certainly seem to be available at the moment. Just bought a VDP hardtop in Basle for a GBP400, and it appears from the pictures to be complete. I need to arrange to go and collect it, but am quite happy as I have wanted one of these for a long time. I already have the matching sidescreens.

Is anyone now interested in a restored factory fibreglass top for a extremely reasonable price ? No point in me having both for the occasional use it will get.
dominic clancy

Hi Dominic, What colour is it? I have considered a hard top for a while as I tend to drive all year round but have never got round to it as I hope my E-Type 2+2 will cover my coupe needs!! If the colour and price is right I may however be interested (although I would have to work out how to get it from CH to BE.

Neil Purves

Hi Neil, Colyn and anyone else interesetd

It has a cream headlining, and the outer is black vinyl. New window from Bob West two years ago, and all the rubbers are great too. It only needs a better rubber between the top and windscreen, but I will get this sorted for whoever takes it. I was thinking in the region of GBP 250 but am open to offers (basically I just want to get something to cover repainting the aluminium top and buying new rubbers for it).

The best way to get it would be to drive down and collect, I've no problem waiting until the spring to do the trade. Then you can also have a spin in my car and see what you think of the new setup.

Still trying to find the time to get the engine properly set up, every day seems to be too short at the moment!
dominic clancy

This thread was discussed between 06/11/2010 and 08/11/2010

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