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MG MGA - Amber rear lights?

Just off the phone to an Aus engineer that is involved in my sign off to get my 1500 eventually registered, and he mentioned that I would need AMBER rear lights.

Can anyone throw more light on this , apart from Clausanger's excellent reference?

Do I need to add a set of indicator lamps- YUCK!?

The 1600 or MK-II models could be fitted with amber lenses for the turn signals. 1500 model cannot, because it uses same bulbs for both brake lights and turn signals.
Barney Gaylord

Hello M,I have a mk1 also and althouge in the UK we dont have to I found that on a bright day (not that often here) the drivers of cars behind couldnt see my indicators flashing wich by the way almost dissapier alltogether when you apply the brakes,so I have fitted a pair of little chrome units on brakets over the bumper, I know they dont look great but I dont think that they look too far out of place (see photo)and becours there is no holes drilled you can remove them at any time without it looking a mess, good look Vin

Vin Rafter

Sorry having a problem with photos,computer saying file size to large and i dont know haw to change it.
Vin Rafter

done it!

Vin Rafter


Vin Rafter

I would be suprised if you had to add lights which didnt exist on the original car, especailly as the car is old than 30 years and dosnt comply with any ADR. Have you phoned Dept of Transport to ask somebody or searched their web page. Maybe you need to explain to your inspector that is how they look.

Lets hope you are not forced into this.
DJ Lake

I know some Z Magnette owners have had to do it. You can probably find some pictures on the web.
Mark J Michalak

There are many MGA 1500's on the road in New South wales, all legally registered. They have to have their annual inspection for registration and obviously they pass. They have the original turn indicator system, not amber lights.
Talk to a MGA 1500 owner at your local MG Car Club.

M F Anderson

Hi Vin , I replaced all my bulbs with LED's from these people as I was concerned that people didn't see the indicators at the rear

they were much brighter and a great success

g c pugh

I've never heard of a jurisdiction requiring that a vehicle be retrofitted with equipment that did not exist at the time of manufacture. What next? Airbags on Model T Fords? The simplest explanation is usually the accurate one: The engineer doesn't know what he's talking about.
David Breneman

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