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MG MGA - An A @ Woodstock

My wife was searching thru some old photos of Woodstock (it is the 40th anniversary) and she ran across the attached photo. Looks like even back then A's were found in the field, although this one was in driving condition, unless that is, it was already there before Woodstock opened! Is it possible that the owner of this car is still driving an A?//nk

N Kopernik

I had a red MGA in fall of '69. I dont remember being there, but then I don't remember a lot of things from that era.
Barney Gaylord

Barney, If you do remember being there then you werent at woodstock.

So the legend goes. I was 2 years away from being born.
DJ Lake

Excellent period photo - the VW camper fits the part but the A looks great. I guess the photo was taken after everyone else had left - just wish I had been there - I had a midget at the time but 3000 miles away here in UK .
Cam Cunningham

Friends and I went to the Tri-Cities hydro races on the Columbia River around 1980. That's as close to Woodstock as I ever got or, in my adult years, would want to. Those little 8-ounce cans of Country Club malt liquor were ideal for shotgunning...
David Breneman

As I recall, in the original Woodstock movie, there is a yellow MGA coupe stuck in the mud.
John DeWolf

Were you at Woodstock Barney??, what a priviledge that must have been for you!!

In August 69 I was only 16 and could only ride a BSA Bantam but I did have a Frogeye waiting to be put on the road for my 17th birthday. However in 69 I was blown away by Woodstock and all that it stood for in those dreadful times. I had been a keen enthusiast of Alice's restaurant (Arlo Guthrie) as the all time anti war record but then Hendrix simply blew everyone else away with this genius guitar solo at Woodstock!

Wish I had been there.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Me too!
Dave Swinburne

I missed it, at that time I was already floating around off the coast of Viet Nam on the USS Hancock. Really liked the music from that time, but really couldn't take an active part in the festivites of the era because of my position with Uncle Sam's navy.
Bill Young

What do you think the car on far left of photo is?MGB Triumph

The hood certainly looks MGB like - but the body is too dark to distinguish.
Yes Robert(Bob) JH blew me away too - couldn't believe he died a year later. Was going to go to Isle of Wight to see him but went camping in Scotland ( in a Midget) instead - boy do I regret that choice now!
Cam Cunningham

Here is the MGA coupe from the woodstock movie. Note the luggage rack on the roof. I put a spotted dress on the girl so we would all admire the MGA. (she had nothing on otherwise)

DJ Lake

Richie Havens the guy that opened Woodstock is still playing in both the USA and UK today. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.
John Bray

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