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MG MGA - An evening drive in Yorkshire?

I popped this up on UK events, MGB General & Spridget General... just a thought...

Is there anybody on here in range of York?

I'm thinking about a York cruise on a couple of Wednesday evenings during the summer - meet up in a car park and cruise around the inner ring road past the tourist spots in our MGs & other Classics for a while to a suitable Pub - any takers?

If we do it this could be a big thing in a few years time...

Since posting things are happening over on midget/Sprite General... any MGA takers?

John Prewer

Is Sutton Bank still a 1 in 3-1/2 ?
Art Pearse

I have no idea, but Sutton Bank isn't going anywhere so I guess so! I haven't driven it for years.
John Prewer

Just posted this on Sprite & Midget general where there is a little interest:

OK, so if we are doing this, let's do it...

WHO IS UP FOR IT? First Wednesday in the month, August, September and perhaps October?

The plan is this:

1. Meet up at Nunnery Lane Car Park, York.

2. Leave to drive to the Pub BUT with plenty of time to Cruise the centre of York, no route planned as this would mean Police and RACMSA approval, so some could go through Mickelgate, others past the Railway Station and others down Nunnery Lane. Central York generally.

3. Arrive at the Pub for a social. I am going to check out:

The Windmill, Hull Road, Dunnington just outside the outer ring road.

The Red Lion, Main Street, Knapton just inside the outer ring road.

The Buckles Inn, Tadcaster Road, Askham Richard a few miles outside the outer ring road.

Pubs in Bishopthorpe are also a possibility.

The object of this is to begin Classic Car cruises and show the General Public some classics being used on a few evenings a year during the summer and perhaps start regular meetings at the pub too at other times.

John Prewer

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