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MG MGA - an other MGA runs again!


my dad and I fired up our 1500 over christmas.

the body work is done, just waiting for painting job to be completed.

Cheers, Koen Struijk
Koen Struijk

How is your garage so tidy?
Nigel Munford

I never saw anybody so clean playing with an MGA!
P N Tipping

Well done Koen,and Dad. Looks to be work of a very high standard - keep the photos coming as you progress. My garage is "cluttered" by comparison!
Barry Gannon

Hi Koen, you didn't need to take the body off to adjust the carburettors ! Sean
S Sherry

Well done. However, but not wishing to be the damp squid at the firework party, I am always concerned when a brand new engine is fired up so early in a restoration and all the assembly lube gets washed off in that first short run; the engine is then not run again for several months while the body is assembled and the car fitted out.

Keep it running.

Steve Gyles

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