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MG MGA - And So It Begins!

Just received my very first parts for rebuilding my '57 MGA 1500. I'm pretty pumped about getting my new door sills, even though I'm nowhere near ready to start installing them.

The kids were excited too!

LW Larry

And another picture.

LW Larry

Last one!

LW Larry

Nice one Larry - they look even better on the car!! Good luck with your project. cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham


Do the have the maker's name on them?

M F Anderson

Hi Mick,

There is no printing or manufacturer's markings of any kind on the sills. If you are asking where i got them, I purchased them from Sports and Classics Inc., an eBay seller.

I chose these because they were highly recommended by Barney Gaylord, the creator and author of the MGA with an Attitude website (, arguably the best MGA resource ever. Barney seldom endorses anything, so for him to make a special mention of them on his site speaks volumes. I paid somewhat more for these than the ones listed on Moss Motors, but I'd rather spend more up front than have problems installing them.

LW Larry

Larry, Are they curved along the length as were the originals I believe? I remember doing a scaling of the sill curvature from a plan view of the body some time ago and the curvature amounted to about one quarter of an inch. Neither Moss nor Sports Car Metalworks are curved. Mike
m.j. moore

I did not detect any curvature on the top edge of the sill (the part against the car) nor was there any apparent on the outside of the sill. The bottom edge (against the car) did have noticeable curvature. I attempted to photograph it, but it was beyond my meager skills to properly capture it. I attached the photo anyway.

LW Larry

The sills from S&C Inc do not have the curve - I got a set from them to fit to a car I was selling sometime back. Great honest quality part, but for the lack of curve. I did know this ahead of purchase as I asked, but needed the part so ordered with this knowledge.

As Mike Moore mentions, the curvature to the 'apex' of the outer edge where the door interfaces with the sill should be as near as damn 1/4" as measured on two car's very original used examples as well as a NOS BMC set I have.

Good luck with your project!
Peter Steyn

Thanks for the info guys, I'll be sure to pay attention when I get ready to install the sill.

I spent the day yesterday cleaning out debris and taking parts off the car. I managed (with help from my brothers) to pull:

Gas tank
exhaust system
Front and rear bumpers
Front valance

Broke far more screws than I removed intact, including all of the mounts for the front bumper. Anyone know if I can buy just the mounting stud that's welded to the frame extension?

All in all, a great day's work.
LW Larry

You may need to use heat to remove nuts and bolts without breaking them. I use a propane torch which I have found is sufficient for most fasteners.
Don't know if the studs are sold separatelt, but you could get appropriate bolts welded on to replace the broken bits.
P. Tilbury

John Gordon

John and Peter, your suggestions sound great, I'll give them a try.
LW Larry

Eclectic Motorworks has the parts you seek:
Del Rawlins

Del, you are my hero. I called Eclectic yesterday and they are shipping me four replacement bolts. Thanks.
LW Larry

I just found a new penetrant that worked wonders for me. I haven't tried it on my MGA yet, but believe that it will work wonders there too. It is called Loctite Freeze and Release. It chills the joint down to -45 Degrees and allows the penetrating oil to get into the joint. $15 US, I used it to free up a hinge that wouldn't move.
mike parker

Mike, that sounds like a great product. I wonder if you heat up the nut with a torch and then turn a can of Dustoff upside down and spray the bolt if it would have the same effect.

Of course, it could just shatter the whole thing, wouldn't that be cool!
LW Larry

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