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MG MGA - Another beauty

I'm without words.
CM Harter

OMG - try getting that back on the road!
Cam Cunningham

In his favour, the vendor is honest in his description!

Steve Gyles

The point is WHY ? And his statement that he's gone this far is just WAY to Far!!!
james guilfoyle

Well, I think he stated that he got it with the cobra kit on it, and he just put in those hideous seats. It may not be too far gone, just ugly as is.
Mike Parker

I think he means that it was a shed when he got it and he has improved the cosmetics to the standard we see, but can do no more. I have to admire him for his total lack of shame!

The question on my mind is what could anyone do with it?

Surely not continue down the road and make it drive-able in its current incarnation?

Strip for parts? Not much left.

Rebuild to a decent standard? Way too much work.

Perhaps it is destined to sit in long grass outside someone's trailer.
Neil McGurk

I'm going out on a limb here. It it were a surviving car modified in the late 50's thru early 60's, then I'd say I like it. These modified cars have as much right being preserved as do the surviving originals and the restored to better than new cars. The styling is very 50's-ish, so it might just be a surviving modified. But the workmanship is..... well... let's not discuss that part of it. Remember, these cars were virtually worthless by the time the late 60's were here. Such modification was not sacrilege way back then. But I think it is not from that era, considering the V-6 engine. IF it were sombody's semi-recent mods, then who would do such a thing today?

I actually was planning on doing something like this when I got my basketcase MGA for free in the late 70's. It was nothing more than a chassis with wheels and a body tub at the time. Then the restoration bug hit me. And that was that!

I think one of it's finest features is one you just don't see enough of toady. Body-color ignition key tumblers. If only the factory knew back then what a hit it was going to be, all MGA's would have them.

Chuck,(still stuck in the early 60's)
Chuck Schaefer

wont get a bid,
what a turd!
Where it is says it all:
sautee nacoochee, GA
R J Brown

Jeez guys!
Awful indeed, but not necessarily to be trashed straight out. From the look of the boot floor, it is not too rusty. Given the quality of work, it is likely that all the mods are bondo, so with a torch and a scraper you might have some decent pieces pretty cheap If I were closer I'd consider it worth looking at.

FR Millmore

Yes that might be a little unfair RJ (even if you might be right, I think I hear the sound of duelling banjos!)

FRM, I had a similar feeling, but note the boot floor is a repair panel just dropped in (doesn't even appear to be welded!) Also the engine bay (I do like the clutch mod though!), wheel arches, transmission tunnel etc, etc. Would be interesting to see if anything of any use remains, but no where near $2000.00 interesting!

Now if he just said $500.00 or less we would leave him alone!

He reduced the price!
Neil McGurk

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