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MG MGA - Another bolt-on goodie!

Looking forward to dramatic increases in power and fuel savings?

And a second unit in the heater trunking will make the car toasty warm while blasting down the motorway (using almost no fuel) on a cold winters day with the roof down!

Does anyone really buy into this stuff?
Neil McGurk

I also saw a turbo chager on ebay which is indicated for use with MGA.

Although this one would technically probably work, I doubt that you can fit all the junk under an mga bonnet!

Gonzalo Ramos

Nothing wrong with the MGA kit far less space required than with the Judson Supercharger.

However the "turbo" is another story full of incorrect facts and assumptions.

First fitting a turbo does NOT improve fuel economy the more air you RAM into an engine the more fuel you also need to out in thus no fuel saving as suggested in the write up.

Second the air passing the vanes will actually turn them but this will compress ZILTCH Turbines on a jet engine are powered by fuel being burnt and turning the downstream turbine that via a shaft drives the inlet turbine to PULL in AIR and compress it!

The item described is very similar to a perpetual motion machine!!

I rather like the con!
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

No perpetual motion here Bob, this is not a turbo compressor, but more like a turbo evacuator. As the incoming air turns the turbo, the drag (there has to be some to get work out of the air to turn the "turbo") will create a low pressure air intake. This just might increase vacuum to draw more fuel into the engine, but then the engine will run rich. To bring it back to proper air/fuel ratio would require leaning out the engine. Suffice to say, I'll pass on this.
Mike Parker

Hold on a minute guys, this looks very interesting. They say the Turbo saves 31% fuel. I have had a look at their other products. They sell a 40bhp air power accelerator that saves 15% fuel. It accelerates air from the rocker cover to air intake. And then there is another 25% saving by using their Bellon Electronic petrol saver.
While I am at it, I would of course fit the PowerMAG Magnetic 22% Fuel saver that polarises the fuel.

I calculate that will give a 93% fuel saving so by rough calculations, I think a full tank should get me about 8,000 miles. This winter I was planning to recalibrate my fuel guage, but doesn't seem like its really worth bothering now?
Do I need to be careful about the fuel getting stale?
Graham M V

The first one is a joke, just a kid's toy pinwheel in the intake tract that will restrict intake flow. If you lean the mixture out a bit to compensate for the lower intake absolute pressure, you might actually get a bit better fuel economy by way of reducing the maximum air flow. This is sort of like never pressing the throttle pedal more than 3/4 of the way down. No way it could produce more power. All going the wrong way. Most every sports car enthusiast I know would be happy to sacrifice a little fuel economy for more power.

The second one looks like a generic turbocharger kit, one kit intended to fit many applications. It even includes an inter-cooler. It would undoubtedly be a nightmare to engineer all of the component placement and pipe fitting to make it work on any car. If they want to sell one to an MGA owner there should at least be a picture of the installation on an MGA. I would lay odds it has never been done on an MGA with that particular kit.

In fact, I have never seen an MGA with a turbocharger fitted to an otherwise stock engine. If you could find a workable arrangement to make everything fit somewhere, you would also need a new carburetor (probably a single larger carb). I'm not going to be the guinea pig to install the first one and send the vendor the picture to promote his sales, not even if the first kit was free.
Barney Gaylord

I have just stopped laughing. As an engineer and fairly useful car tuner I can say that this has to be the biggest con ever. The only thing you will achieve is lightening your wallet (you may save some fuel if you have payed using coins?!!).
Blocking the air flow in this way will only slow down intake airflow and reduce power overall. For the same NET speed you will need to apply more accelerator to overcome the loss which will then create the same vaccum in the carburetor piston to lift the needle to the same point. In other words - No change. Apart from the fact, having made your system less efficient, your top speed will be lower!!

There are many such cons out there, and a large enough pool of gullable people to buy such items. If only common sense was taught in schools?!!

Neil Purves

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