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MG MGA - another clutch/brake bleeding problem

I have been trying to bleed my clutch for the last month or so, with total failure. I have read the archives and done many times every suggested remedy for bleeding the line and the slave cylinder. The clutch pedal still has almost no resistance. The brakes finally got pretty good pedal pressure, but they have since gone back to near-zero.
I am using silicone brake fluid in a new master cylinder, new brake lines and a new slave cylinder and hose. There are no visible brake fluid leaks.
I have a power bleeder, and I have tried reverse-bleeding the clutch from the slave to the master cylinder. Nothing comes through into the master cylinder, not fluid or air bubbles. I also can
M.E. Whalen

Do you have discs on the front or drums or all-round discs?
Silicone fluid has never given me problems.
Clutch bleeding should be very straightforward once the fluid in the reservoir has entered the master cylinder.
I have only ever used gravity as an aid to bleeding, along with a tolerant and obedient assistant pushing the pedals. 'Simple is better' always worked for me.
D Brown

If no fluid (or air), is coming through the slave cylinder, then you have something wrong in your setup, OR, there is something blocking the line.....
First thing to do , is disconnect the hose from where it attaches to the slave.....(put the end in a clean container)....You will have to dismount the slave to do this, so you don't overtwist the flex line. Break the connection at the slave, first, then take the two bolts out and unscrew the line from the slave.
Get someone to GENTLY push on the clutch pedal, and see if anything comes into the container...
If fluid comes out, then your slave cylinder nipple is closed, or you have the nipple in the wrong hole...
(It is possible to put it in the wrong location on some slave cylinders....It is also possible that the slave is defective).
If still no fluid, then either there is a blockage in the line, OR, at the m/c.....The good news is that it is a straight shot from the master to the flexible hose....
Still no fluid? Next step would be to cover everything with a rag, and disconnect the clutch pipe at the m/c...If there is still no fluid, then problem with the m/c.
It is possible that you have a defective m/c, but that is highly unlikely.
Silicone brake fluid will not cause the problem you are having.
Edward Wesson 60MGA

I wonder if your pistons are not returning. They may be stuck and all the pumping in the world won't help. The new master cylinders from SF are good. I installed one a few months ago and no problems at all right out of the box.

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