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MG MGA - Another 'not quite an MGA)

Looks like some kind of badge engineered hybrid, pictured here in the lakes!

Neil McGurk

Lovely iris blue paint job there!
m.j. moore

A German engineered MG???
Mike Parker

Why fake it when you can have the "real thing" (based on a MKII MGA, this is the only model in my collection that is not on open display....)

dominic clancy

oh dear Dominic what have you done, there is so much I could and want to say but I will leave it to others far more eliquent than myself and just hope that history will judge you kindly, by the way was there a tool kit for Ken lol

g c pugh

It would lose points in a concours as it has door handles!
Mike Ellsmore

I presume that's your little cutie starting to follow in your footsteps?

Well done.
T McCarthy

Yes Tysen, she was quick to tell everyone her car has an MG badge!
Neil McGurk

Does the name Dominic translate from your local Swiss dialect into English as "KEN"?
It certainly would explain the reason for the Barbie picture being in your private collection!

c firth

Very droll, all of you.

It's the size of the thing and the pink colour that means it stays in a cupboard. (as an aside I did meet a couple once called Kenneth and Barbara, for some strange reason they were hypersensitive to having their names shortened)
dominic clancy

"It's the size of the thing and the pink colour that means it stays in a cupboard"

Oooo err Missus!
Neil McGurk


She's a real cutie. I don't envy your lot when she's in her middle teens. You'll be shoo'ing boys away like flies.

T McCarthy

Excuse me if you have heard this joke before.

A Father walks into a toy shop to buy a toy for his little girl. He is drawn to the Barbie Doll display and the range of choices available, but he can not see the prices so he calls over an assistant.
Father: Excuse me, can you tell me the prices of these Barbie dolls?
Assistant:Certainly sir.
Air Hostess Barbie is $19.95
Cowgirl Barbie is $19.95
Fashion Barbie is $19.95
Divorce Barbie is $119.95
Spacegirl Barbie is....
"Excuse me" Says the Father, did I hear you say Divorce Barbie is $119.95? Why so expensive?
"Well" says the assistant, rolling her eyes, "Divorce Barbie comes with Ken's house, Ken's car, Ken's boat....

Matthew Magilton

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