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MG MGA - another plating question

I want to send some parts out for cad plating. So far, the parts that I think were cad plated include the seat slides, the handbrake ratchet, the spare tire clamp wing nut, and the master cylinder cap. Were the master cyl pushrods and clevis plated? Were some of the handbrake bits also plated? Other parts I've missed? I'm not interested in engine parts, got that covered.

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

In addition I plated all the nuts and bolts, electrical wiring "P" clips, the cup,pin and guide plate for the hood latch. The fender attachment bolts and long washers were painted. I believe that the pushrods and clevis were plated on my cars. I wouldn't hesitate to plate any small parts that are under the car and not painted. Have a good day!

John Progess


I think a lot of the parts were originally cadmium plated. Probably most of the screws in the car and many of the electrical parts. Zinc plating came in later after cadmium plating was identified as an environmental hazard.

In the UK there are strict rules on cadmium plating now and it can only be used to plate parts which are used for electrical fittings. There are very few platers who do it. Its not easy to reproduce a similar finish of cadmium plating. If there is I'd like to know.

John Francis

Eastwood sells a paint that is suposed to look like cad plating. I have not used it. Their part# is 10022Z.
I have used Dull Aluminum Krylon for this purpose.
R J Brown


Caswell plating kit for fasteners - $150 US.

I have not tried it.

Jim in NH
AJ Mail

Here is a UK supplied kit similar to Jim's Caswell kit.

Neil McGurk

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