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MG MGA - anti freeze ??

Is any anti freeze beteer than another, Im looking to change mine at the moment and would be interested in any advise, thank you in advance, Vin
Vin Rafter

You might look for a pet safe antifreeze in the U.K. The common ethylene glycol based anti-freeze is deadly to dogs and most other animals. And unfortunately they are attracted to its tast. Anti-freeze containing propylene glycol is the safer alternative and is apparently less appealing (less tasty) to animals.

David Werblow


The main difference to be aware of is that the blue stuff should be changed every couple of years, the red stuff is long life, five years or more. They should not be mixed, but can both be topped up with "top up" coolant! I would recommend that you stick with reputable brands and use the red stuff.

One more thing, you should always use pre mixed antifreeze to the same concentration. Apparently the glycol is absorbed by the rubber and will bleed back into the coolant if the glycol level is reduced and vice versa. This bleeding back and forth will in turn have the effect of weakening the rubber hoses.

I just bought this for my cars:

Neil McGurk

Hi Vin. I look for and use aluminum compatible antifreeze. Although the engine block isnt aluminum, the thermostat housing is. Using non aluminum compatible antifreze will eventually corrode the aluminum, causing a coolant leak. Just my 2 cents worth. Happy Holidays, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

Hi Vin, I am using the red O.A.T. long-life stuff in mine too, it's only been in there a year, but no problems so far and the coolant looks nice and clear. It's supposed to be good for aluminium, and in addition to the thermostat housing that Glenn mentions we also have an aluminium heater valve on some of our cars.
Lindsay Sampford

Most automotive antifreeze is ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is clear. The dye added to it affects only color. There are as many additive packages as there are manufacturers. The additive packages are what "wears out" I am no more a believer of "Long Life" antifreeze than I am of 7500 mile oil changes or the easter bunny.
Ethylene Glycol antifreeze can be "embittered" to keep animals and children from drinking it. Effective in saving children and better for the car. I use Peak brand antifreeze and it is Embittered. I dont care how long the manufacturer says it will last I replace it every 24 to 36 months.
R J Brown

I have read (a good get out statement) that OAT (Organic Acid Technology) based antifreezes are not compatible with silicon seals. So, if you are relying on a gasket sealant to keep your system watertight these antifreezes should be avoided.

(Although not relevant to the MGA, the statement about compatibility was connected with wet liner engines where OAT is apparently known to attack the liner seal O rings.)
Malcolm Asquith

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