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MG MGA - Anti-Roll Bars ( anti-sway in US )

Read Barneys bumf on above plus others, was fully persuaded, and went seeking Addco anti-roll bars . Found a supplier ,Summit,in US for the parts ( ACO-111) but at US$ 170 but then cost of packing and shipping to Melbourne amazed me at a further US$ 205. Looked for other suppliers etc but so far no luck..any suggestions at a more economic solution ?
n ferguson

You might try K-Mac (an Aussie brand). My 1960 had both front and rear K-Mac fitted 30+ years ago. Removed the rear bar and installed a 3/4 inch Addco on the front. At the time K-Mac did not supply any bars for MGA's. A while back had another look at their site and found a reference to MGA, and many other vehicles.

If the current manufacture is a remake of the earlier type then fitting differs slightly from ADDCO, but nothing like the original factory type attachment.

R J Goebel

If you can't find a local supplier then you might try the solution I used for a rear bar on my midget when none was available, I made my own. Got a bar of the correct diameter from the breakers and then heated it with my welding torch to form it to the desired shape and ends. Drill the ends or do any welding of tabs on to the bar and then get it heat treated again at a spring shop. Seems to be working ok for me, no problems or breakage in 10 years now.
Bill Young

I purchased a K-Mac bar late last year, so they are still available. It works well and the company was very helpful.
As mentioned by Russell, the fitting is not as original but could probably be made to look original.
M Wellard

I fitted a K Mac sway bar about 10years ago, 20mm in diameter and it greatly improved the handling. Also it bolts directly onto the lower wishbones so you don't have any link arms to the bar and threfore less movement between the bar and suspension. They will also manufacture coil springs to your specification.
They were cheap, cheerful and helpful.

I Hazeldine

Just fit an MGB stock or competition bar (a 3/4" is nice for the street).

It requires some minor work to fit one on an MGA - I have a write-up if you need one.
Bill Spohn

After some agonising research, I determined that an A needs only a front bar and obtained one locally from
K Mac in Sydney. Transformed the car, no longer corners on the door handles. Easy bolt on fitting for $210 last year. Sean
S Sherry

Have emailed K-mac based on above because their webpage looked like 'looney tunes'and could not find a ref to answer yet so obviously the are either busy or.....But also noted a company on Ebay 'Heritage MG Parts' based in Sydney which flog an 18mm ( 0.7in )bar total kit for A$390 delivered and show a simple installation under front MGA members. They advise the design and supply is their own. Any exoerience knowledge of this out there in the MGA blog ether?
n ferguson

Phone K Mac at Rockdale in Sydney. They are not the most efficent of companies. Most of their business appears to be Holdens and Falcons not the low volume end. But their MG bars are ok when you get through to them. Sean
S Sherry

To conclude ....Bought a 3/4in sway bar from Heritage MG parts of Sydney for $396 delivered ,received it this morning and after 2hrs graft the assembley was fitted. Excellent instructions and look like well made parts and best of all...metal templates for the simple drilling work. All went together too easily!!
n ferguson

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