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MG MGA - Anti sway bar bushings

Hi folks, does anyone know a source for obtaining Stock MGA front anti sway bar rubber mounts and end bushings? Mine are shot, and they make a lot of noise going over bumps. Also, how much of a diference in handling would there be If I just left the anti sway bar off? Thanks, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

Anglo-parts ( and Brown&Gammons ( list the bushes separately.
dominic clancy

Glenn, If you plan to buy from Anglo Parts make sure you find out the postage cost before you commit. I don't intend to buy from them again because of the high shipment cost to UK. Mike
m.j. moore

And Anglo Parts won't tell you how much the shipping is until you've give them your card details. The first I knew was when I received the invoice with the goods -the shipping charge was breath taking!
J H Cole

IMHO the anti sway or anti roll bar makes quite a difference to the handling and I very much prefer the feel of the car with it fitted.
Neil McGurk

I don't buy from Anglo either because of their ridiculous shipping charges. B&G are on the other hand extremely reasonable, and will send parts by normal mail at completely justifiable costs.

As they all get their parts from the same suppliers, there's absolutely np reason to use Anglo unless no-one else has the parts.
dominic clancy

Glenn, I purchased my complete stock MGA anti sway bar with bushing and mounts and everything else from Scarborough Faire. Completely stock and original (I think).

Andy 60 MGA Coupe

Andy Preston


Because of the similiarity of the T-Series front suspension and the MGA (and the MGB, too), I think you may find that the Dee engineering ARB bushings will fit an MGA.

Have a look at

Can't go too far wrong for $13 bucks.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu
Gordon A. Clark

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