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MG MGA - Any interest to anyone?

This is coming up for sale at Brooklands. It is LHD and it looks like the wrong grille for a 1500.
Could be the photo but the right hand door doesn't look like it fits properly.
Obviously I have no connection.
Graham M V

Not british racing green or a 1600 either, not hard to get basic fact correct is it.
R Mcknight

Ouch! That is horrendous when you see the estimate. Upside down (rear) overiders set the tone for a very poor body on "restoration". Panel fit is truly way off and there isn't a correct piece of trim in the car. Missing and non original bits in the engine bay too. Better off knowing that you are buying a project and paying the appropriate price than such a piece of resprayed pretence.

" good order throughout." For a clue as to the mechanical condition, care and maintenance - the front air cleaner is missing!

Back where it came from "earlier this year" it would probably command a maximum price of about $10k US, I would put a UK value at about
N McGurk

Tidying it up should not cost too much, say 1500, but in my opinion very much an overvalued estimate for an auction, especially when you add a 15% buyers premium. I would have put the estimate at 12000 to 14000 to attract the bidders.

No side screen attachments, so probably no hood (UK term!) either.


PS. Posted this before seeing Neil's post. Similar estimates!
Steve Gyles


Registration is appropriate YUK

B Bridgens

Awful - why has a Mk1 got a Mk11 grill, if it was such a great restoration? and as someone else said, rear over-riders upside down. anyone who knows about restoring an MGA wouldn't have made such a basic mistake - it makes you wonder how many other mistakes there are.
D J Hill

Its been prepared for auction but in my opinion the value is in the order of 10,000 ish. It needs a body off renovation and that will cost 5,000 ++
J H Cole

Possibly it's tyrrolite green, and they decided to call it BRG to appeal to the punters. If they're after originality it is one of those rare red cars according to the number...
Dan Smithers

Here, I'll give you guys something to really pick-on!

David Werblow

Rear in case you can't guess!

David Werblow

Looks like Glacier Blue to me.
Bruce Mayo

No Attwood blower ?
Graham M V

Nice everyday driver there David - no need to pick on it as you are not trying to sell it at an overvalued price or wrongly identifying it.
If that car is valued at 19k-24k then my car is worth 30k (but I would value mine at 15k)- so halve the estimate for its true worth.
Cam Cunningham

Gee, Graham, I was thinking of twin blowers. One for each air tube.

I too enjoy finding fault with professional restored cars.
David Werblow

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