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MG MGA - Any Vancouverites amongst us?

Hi all, I've been fortunate enough to secure a 3 month work secondment in Vancouver B.C starting late September/early October this year.

Whilst there I'd love to say g'day to any fellow A owners and share experiences etc.

Do we have any Vancouverites amongst us?



Hi Steven,

Welcome to the area! Unfortunately, I'm about 8 hours driving time south of you in Oregon. However, Peter Tilbury should be awfully close, he has two MGAs and is one of the nicest, most helpful people on the forum. He spends most of his time on the MG Experience forum under bikermga, but you can contact him through this forum in the owner's list. Just search for British Columbia, Canada and look for P. Tilbury.

Hope you don't mind, Peter!

L Wheeler

Ditto on Peter..he is at present on his "Tour of USA", and has a great blog.
Gary Lock

Hi Steve,
Actually it is Steve Kaufman (a friend of mine) who is on the US/Canada 4 month tour in his MGA. I am in Surrey, about 45 minutes south of Vancouver, BC, on the 49th parallel. Please email me on, and we can definitely meet. You can also check out our Vancouver Club web site - to see what events we have for the rest of this year. Or go to and check out the CCMGC info on the Chapters page.
We look forward to meeting you in September. We have a friend in Manjimup. Is that near you?
Peter Tilbury.
P.S. Thanks Larry and Gary for the kind words.
P. Tilbury

Sorry Peter..had notes from both of you, and got mixed up!
Gary Lock

Thanks guys. Peter I will send you an email.

Manjimup is about 120km south of Perth. A beautiful town with some great forest road drives and very nice wineries.

Attached is a pic of me enjoying one of my A's in the south west of Western Australia - not far from Manjimup!




Hi Steven,
I am in the Vancouver area, not far from the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks. As a long-time MGA owner (40 yrs. nearly) it would be good to get together and swap stories some time. You could email me at when you find your feet here and if Peter is willing we could all meet in a convenient pub perhaps.
Tom Heath
Tom Heath

Nice number plate Steve,

Check out this one

Cheers Mark

Mark Hester

Hi Mark, I like it! Is that your's?



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