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MG MGA - Anyone have a scrap MGA steering wheel

Hi there,
My search for an MGA boss for a Mountney wheel has been unsuccessful. So now I'm looking for a scrap stock MGA wheel, that has broken unrepairable spokes and rim, so I can salvage the boss. I will then machine this stock boss to fit the Mountney wheel.
Can anayone help me with this item so I can fit it to my '58 Coupe rebuild?
Thanks, Peter.
P. Tilbury

I have an old stock MGA steering wheel. I will try my new one first to make sure it fits, then see if you still need it.
Harley Johansen

Hi Peter,
I have a stock steering wheel that has a couple of broken spokes by the hub. You are welcome to take a look and see if it meets your needs, and I will part with it for a 4 pack of Old Speckled Hen!. I am only a short drive away in Steveston area of Richmond, B.C.Give me a call if you are interested. 778 836-5110
Tom Heath
Tom Heath

Thanks Tom. (You are John Morse's friend, right.) I'll give you a call. Am still trying to get a Mountney boss if I can.
I'll call you in a few days. Many thanks. Peter.
P. Tilbury

Here you go Peter:

Neil McGurk

Thanks for your help Neil.
I've bought it as it says "fits 19mm shafts", which is the MGA spline size. Much appreciated. Peter.
P. Tilbury

You're welcome Peter, let me know if you need any help with shipping.
Neil McGurk

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