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MG MGA - Anyone have an original MGA radiator for sale

I've about given up on the Moss Chinese replicas. Never ran hot back in 1968 with the original. After 4 years the Moss radiator probably needs to be sent to a radiator shop to clean/recore it. Last summer in Key West and Silver Springs it ran about 230 sitting in traffic on a hot day (80 degrees). I have a 160 thermo with sleeve and a 10 inch electric fan, but if I sit for minutes without moving, the temp is at the max. No boil over, but not fun. Vapor lock (even with choke out) and some stumbling.

Does anyone have an original radiator for sale that I can then have reconditioned to fit on my '62 MK II? I'll pay shipping and cost.

- Ken
Ken Doris

I have a few, but I don't think it will solve the "sitting in traffic" issue. I've been using a Moss reproduction with a blanking sleeve and 185 degree thermostat. I've learned to ignore the in-traffic heat up. It's never caused problems except for making the interior hotter than usual. An aftermarket radiator shroud should help a bit. I switched to Mobil 1 20-50 Four Cycle Motorcycle oil and noticed an immediate five degree drop in normal running temperature. This is a fully synthetic oil with the zinc levels we need for our solid lifters. The only explanation would seem to be a significant reduction in friction. I've heard that synthetic oils magnify leaking issues. I run an 1800 which gas actual lip main seals fore and aft, so I can't really comment.
D Sjostrom

Any reason you really need a whole radiator? If you take your existing one to a radiator shop and ask them to get a V-core from Maine Radiator I think you'll be very happy.
G T Foster

Doug - I gnerally tend to ignore relatively high temps in traffic as well, but this past year (2008) it just seemed to jump up much more quickly and even run up into the oil pressure region. At Key West in 2008 I also had severe vapor lock and had to run with choke out and keeping the revs up, even with the electric fan. I found black "gunk" in my radiator the next morning and some other MGA owners at the motel felt I might have popped a head gasket. Luckily it was not the case - it was just the rubber on the radiator cap had melted away almost completely!

Earlier parades in Key West 2006 & 2007) weren't a real problem, just barely reached 230, so I think I'm getting progressively less cooling. In cool weather, the car runs right at or about thermo setting of 160, which tells me two things - the the thermo is good, and the temp guage is accurate. Thus I think it's radiator and block that are my problems. Swapping out the radiator is the simpler of the two to try.
- Ken
Ken Doris

Have you checked timing and mixture recently?
P. Tilbury

There is a company called US Cellular that sells an original style cellular core. I have one in my MK11. They are much less expensive than Maine Radiator. They only sell wholesale. I would need to get contact info from my radiator guy if needed. He is aware of Maine and wont buy from them as they are too expensive.
R J Brown

RJ, -- Do you have contact information for that company?
Barney Gaylord

Peter - yes timing and mixture were among the first things checked.

RJ - Please do check with your radiator guy to get contact for US Cellular. Google searches all result in cell phone related info.

- Ken
Ken Doris

I have been running a Moss radiator with a shroud with no problem at all. You might want to concider having your block flushed. Check your block drain and see iff rust setteled and obstructs it. If so concider popping the expansion plugs you can get to and flush.
WMR Bill

US Cellular is a wholesale only business have you radiator shop call him at 1-800-867-9554.
They also have a restoration part of the company.
Your local radiator shop can buy a core or you can send in your complete radiator to this website for them to do the work.
R J Brown

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