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MG MGA - Anyone seen these before?

Hi All,

When I took the springs out of the head on a replacement engine these discs were under all the springs. They are an exact fit in the spring recess and are clearly engineered for this application. This picture is of the topside. underside to follow.
Anyone seen these before? or have an idea of why they would be there? I would think they increase pressure on closing the valves perhaps


AR Terry

The underside

AR Terry

Spring shims - used to add tension to the spring - useful if the valve seat has been cut so the valve sits higher in the head
Chris at Octarine Services

Ahh that makes perfect sense Chris, as the state of the valve seats was pretty awful and beat to hell. You would not use these with new valve seats right?

AR Terry

As Chris suggested, these are used for correcting the fitted length of the springs to the spec. length
They come in several thicknesses to suit-
They are sometimes marked "this side up" as these are, and if so they will be grooved underneath to help reduce heat transfer from the head up into the springs
It will depend on the finished valve seat height, valve length and fitted spring length as to if you will need them after a head job

William Revit

Thats really interesting Willy, I would never have thought that those dimensions would need to be measured and adjusted using these 'washers'.

You never stop learning about these cars and I have had mine over 40 years.

As usual a great forum.

AR Terry

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