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MG MGA - AP Driveline pressure plate?

I ordered a pressure plate from Moss and received one made by AP Driveline Technologies, a division of MAGAL engineering Ltd U.K. Anyone have experience with these, are they ok to use?

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

If I recall correctly AP Driveline was the supplier of the driven disk (clutch disk) in my 5 speed installation kit.

Ray Ammeter

George, the origianl pressure plate that came with my 60 Coupe was made by AP driveline. When I ordered one from Moss I was pleased to see the exact same pressure plate out of AP driveline, Lemington Spa England. Likewise the clutch plate that came with my 5 speed was from AP. Good quality products. I have no reservations using them, they're already installed in the engine.

Good Luck

Andy Preston

FWIW, I too have an new AP pressure plate in the roadster that saw several thousand miles this summer. Worked great. The engine is currently out of the car (other reasons) and the pressure plate (clutch cover) looks great.
G T Foster

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