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MG MGA - AP Lockheed Servo Filter Cap For Gary Lock

Gary Lock wrote on the Beaulieu thread:

"You guys going to Beaulieu, if you happen to come accross the following, please buy!..
..I have a Lockheed Brake Booster installed behind the FRHS splash panel. The air intake on the valve has an enclosed cap,(unlike the normal one with a series of breather holes) from which the air is drawn from inside the engine bay via a hose (cleaner air in theory). This enclosed cap is as rare as a RHD steering rack, but I need a new cap. The original Lockheed part number was SSB 1056, and was called a Control Valve Kit.
If you come accross a dealer with this part, please buy, and I will reimburse promptly, along with some beer money!"

Gary, I found a dealer who is 100% certain that he has the filter cap you describe back in his shop. He apologised for not bringing his vacuum bits to the auto jumble. His company name is 'Coasting Ltd'. He supplies Dunlop, Girling, Lockheed DBA, ATE, kit hoses, cylinders, servos, calipers etc. You can email him at He is happy to post direct to Australia.

He did not think they are as rare as you suggest but said that they break easily.


Steve Gyles

Many thanks for this Steve. I have recently been advised by AP Caparo that this part is still in production, and they supply Delphi, but the odd thing is that Delphi don't appear to know about it! I'm still waiting to hear back from a chap at Delphi. Meantime, I'll contact Tom at Coasting.

Hope you enjoyed Beaulieu?..Have only been once in 2005, went for three days, and didn't get around the whole area! Hopefully there next year.
Gary Lock

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