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MG MGA - APB on dist mounting sleeve for 1500

While trying to remove my distributor drive gear, I broke the mounting sleeve that goes under the distributor clamp.

Of course, this part is NLA (Moss 460-300 for reference).

Someone had put red RTV underneath mine so it WILL NOT twist to come out, and I busted one of the ears off trying to remove it. The only way I'm going to get the rest of it off is in pieces or with a torch.

Does anyone have one of these or know of a source?

Thank you.


AJ Mail

Brit Bits of Rye, NH has one - Sam collects them since they're NLA.

Thanks to all who replied!

AJ Mail

There are several of those on Ebay. I am sure you can get one cheap!
Gonzalo Ramos

I got the part - but the sleeve is still stuck fast in the engine block, with nothing now to grab!

I just ordered one of these, but our trip to the lake this weekend in the MGA is not looking very likely.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

AJ Mail

As long as you still have one bolt to hold the dist clamp in, you are OK. Lots of other cars have only one bolt mounts.

FR Millmore

If the internal pipe wrench doesn't get it, there are solvents for RTV so try a local auto parts store. The best solvents contain methylene chloride. The data sheet for the red says not recommended for contact with gasoline, so probably not as solvent resistant as some.

Jeff Schultz

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