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I was trying to find information on how to best install the outer rockers panels on my 1600 coupe. I went to the archive site and typed in "outer rockers" in the search box. Gees! I got everything from tranny mounts to paint to engine modifications but nothing about my inquiry. Am I not using the archive link correctly? Can anyone help find me the thread that addresses the method used to properly install the outer rocker panels? Thanks and Cheers!
Robert Maupin

Robert, everything you could need to know is found on Barney Gaylord's web site, I have been in the process of replacing the inner and outer sills as well as the rockers on my 1500 and have found the site to be invaluable.

Best of luck,
MGA Larry


Sills are on my list too. Check out Frank Graham's site for additional information:

Randy Myers
Randy Myers

Depending on how you used the search function, it may have pulled up every thread containing either "outer" or "rockers". Go back and just type "sills". You can get more detailed by typing "outer sills" and selecting either "This Phrase" or "All of these words". This phrase will only pull up threads that have "outer sills" together as a phrase, where as all of these words pulls threads that contain both the words "outer" and "sills" but not in any particular order or grouping. That is the option I would try first.

You can try searching for "rockers", but as they are more commonly referred to as sills you will also get references to rocker arm assemblies and such.
Mark J Michalak

Doing "only" out rocker panels may be opening a can of worms. If crash damage is the reason you may get away with it. If rust has affected the outer panels the underside will be worse. Do your research first. If you tear it down and make it undrivable and it is more you may be down a lot longer than you expect.I would expect to do what Barney's site showed him doing last year. Anything less I would consider a bonus.
R J Brown

You also should check out Eclectic
Mike Parker

Thanks to all!

Rockers vs. Sills- That may have been my problem. I'll give that a try, the same for Barney's site.

Larry- Best of luck. If the person who designed the inner sill/panel system was still alive, he should be caned. Why have three panels when one would do. Getting them to align up correctly in order to properly accommodate the finder attachment points, clamping them all together so they don't shift during the! I just hope I got mine installed correctly. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

Answer to the three panels for the inner sill layer is:
The front inner panel was originally part of the front inner fender all the way to the bottom. The rear inner panel was originally part of the rear inner fender all the way to the bottom. The intermediate inner sill panel was a connector or filler between the front and rear inner fenders.

The three replacement pieces can be made as one piece for rust repair, but I found it functionally easier to make the front and rear pieces separate while I was doing close alignment for butt welding at the top edge of those pieces (to hide the welds to look like original one-piece inner fenders).
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney for the clerification. That certainly makes more sense than a three piece inner sill assembly. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

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