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MG MGA - Arcing spark

I thought today being dry and bright I would take the A out for a run. It has been several months without starting and eventually a bit of life but no start. I then noticed arcing between ceramics and steel body of #1 plug. Replaced with another and the car started. Took it for a short run and filled up with fresh fuel. Does the arcing suggest that the plug is faulty and should be ditched?
Brian Paddon

It will have a crack in the ceramic and humidity will have worked into the insulator. It may be OK when warm, but sooner or later it will fail completely. I once had a batch of NGK that failed as soon as the socket put any side pressure on the insulator at all. I junked the entire box. I would suggest it's better to fit a full new set - they are cheap enough
Dominic Clancy

Wouldn't have resistor plugs in there by chance---
The combination of solid plug leads and resistor plugs will cause that--arcing down the insulators--specially if the plug gaps are a bit wide
Nothing wrong with NGK plugs---maybe a new plug socket would help
William Revit

Thanks Dominic/William for your comments.
William I use NGK BP6ES plugs with original Lucas caps and copper leads. So maybe a dud plug. I have used NGK plugs for years. Seem to be a good choice. Think the gaps are as book suggests but will check tomorrow.
PS Came to Taz a few years back wish I had my A to travel around your beautiful island.
Brian Paddon

Plug socket has been fine since I junked that box of NGK, thanks !
Dominic Clancy

Must be the operator--------couldn't possibly be the plugs----lol
William Revit

What ever happened to "Champion. and KLG " brand Spark Plugs?
The world drove on these for years.
Perhaps it was like the demise of the English Motor Cycle Industery.
Those old tins that Champion plugs came in---are just so handy.
Just remembering---"when"
I.W. Cowen.

Haven't seen KLG pluds for a while Ian and Champions have turned into a bit pf a hit and miss thing, in Aust. anyway -I 'think' it depends on where you live now as to where your champions are made
Haven't got any tins Ian but have an old pull apart plug

William Revit


William Revit


Really---"A Hit and Miss thing---"

7/8" Plugs like those used to be used on Fordson Tractors, back in the late 40's ! ! We used to take them apart, and service them!
Great memories! !

But you already know, how old I am ! !

Cheers, Nuffield.
I.W. Cowen.

The Fergie TE20 on which I learned to drive was a dual fuel version and used plugs like those. Started on petrol and then switch to TVO (paraffin aka Power kerosene in Australia)
Dominic Clancy

A grey Fergie--what a great little tractor they were--are
William Revit

Champions are still around and popular. I run them in more than half of my cars including the MGA, never an issue.

I would throw away the plug that was arcing. They are too cheap to take chances on a breakdown.
Steve Simmons

Steve-You're lucky, the Champions we get here had a major quality dive about 5-6 years ago when they changed supplier and weren't very good
Even the black Motorcraft plugs here had a change of manufacturer and were made --somewhere? other than the original black base USA plugs and weren't reliable at all
Ford here released a budget range of plugs around 2/3 price and weirdly they turned out to be excellent plugs and were repackaged Nippon Denso or Denso --good plugs

NGK seems to be best value plugs here at the moment and a good available heat range
William Revit

I only ever use NGK, having had problems with other brands.
Dave O'Neill 2

The NGK's have performed best in my 79-B. Nothing against other brands, but each engine has its own "preference" You just need to choose which ones your engine "likes" best.


79 MGB
gary hansen

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