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MG MGA - Are these MGB seats?

When I bought my A it had non original seats. Put new ones in, nice fit. I thought about selling the old seats on ebay,see link. Are they early B seats? Or something else?

Any idea where they should sell?


R Egge

Hi Rus, they look like MGA seats to me

g c pugh

Those look like poorly redone MGA seats. They put new covers over the entire bottom frame assembly, instead of attaching to the normal plywood bottom that sits on top of the frame.
Del Rawlins

According to the seller of the item below, they look like the early MGB seats with poor (not quite correct pattern, PVC?) MGA roadster covers. The top backrest looks to be level to the base frame (the MGA roadsters are asymmetrical). The other (unlikely) possibility is an MGA coupe frame with an MGB seat cushion and support and MGA roadster style covers.

They look like a set that sold recently on fleabay UK:

I told the guy that I thought they were MGA seats (as Del and Gordon mention above) Now it seems too much of a coincidence, so I will go with MGB.

Given the non standard covers, I would not expect them to go too much higher.
Neil McGurk

The rubber membrane is just like early MGB - later ones had webbing straps - certainly not like MGA wooden base at all.
Cam Cunningham

These are not MGA seats. The MGA seat base is about the same shape as these but the runners are flat with the seat base. These appear to have some extra rails that the runners are mounted to that also appear to tilt the seat back. Not having any MGB seats I could not say one way or another if they are MGB.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

They could be either mgb seats or mga competion seats which look similar to mgb seats but are about an inch narrower. Both have the extra bar on the bottom that rolls up in the front. One way or the other, someone really messed up the upholstery.
Randy Myers

they look like they were re-upholstered over the old upholstering.
Mike Parker

This thread was discussed on 08/06/2009

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