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MG MGA - Arrgh, sooo close

About one month ago, an ad on Craigslist in the Cincinnati area popped up. "MG hardtop" and stated barn find, needs work, best offer. The ad showed a rough but solid coupe, with disc/knockoff wheels.... It sold quickly before I could reply.
About a month later, this past Sunday actually, the same car popped back up on Craigslist, Cincinnati area with more pictures. "MGA 1600 Hardtop". 30 year barn storage. Old, flaking repaint but really solid. Interior was complete and decent. It had a pushrod engine but had the twin cam brake/master cyl, twin cam heater, and twin cam interior features. It was one of the 95 USA Twin Cam coupes minus the original engine and radiator. They guy had no clue it was special and just bought it really cheap and was flipping for $5500 after the title cleared, YM313--. I immediately called and agreed to buy, full price and was planning to make the trip. He called the next morning stating people was making offers to buy every hour and he had just taken a deposit so I was more or less out. I expected if I wanted to pursue further, I would have to up the price. The ad was then removed. Someone got a deal. Are you on the forum?
SJS Steinhauer

Its not me, but it reminds me of how I got my A some 35 years ago. The local Craigslist of the time, The Bargain News, would be printed and distributed once a week on Thursday mornings. I actually left my office for the local news stand and waited for the paper to be dropped off. I did a quick review of the ads for foreign cars and found an A listed which was not even a mile from my house. I called the owner from the news stand and drove over after stopping off at the bank for some cash; bought it on the spot and had it out of the owners driveway within 1 hour. Owner later called me complaining that he sold it too low. Its all a crap shoot!
Nick Kopernik

This thread was discussed on 09/12/2014

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