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MG MGA - Assembling My MGA

Hello All,
About 20 years ago I purchased an 1960 MGA convertible "project" car for $1500. The seller had bought it in its current condition about it about 10 years earlier but lost interest when he seen the amount of work/cost it entailed. I decided to do a complete frame off restoration. The body had some rust around the rockers and the interior (seats/door panels/top) was trash, but it had a nice looking MGB 1800 3-main engine. The seller didn't know when it last ran. After several moves and dragging my project car around, about 10 years ago I finally located a building to do the restoration. I took it all part and and began the restoration but had some life/health issues that derailed the project. Thinking I would remember how I took it apart, I failed keep any notes on the order of disassembly. It's been 9 1/2 years later and I don't have the foggiest idea how to reassemble it. Before I simply open a box, take out a part, decide whether to restore it or buy a new one, and finally attach it to the chassis, is there a book/internet site that would give me advise about the order the car should be assembled. Thanks.
Joe Holtslag

Joe, I would not get too worried about it. I spent 21 years doing mine, and moving like you.
The logical place, assuming it is all in small parts, is the chassis. With every part, go over it and do any necessary repairs before moving to the next bit. Chassis likely will at least need new paint, so plan on sandblasting the old away, apply epoxy primer and new top coat. Before that, if necessary, do any welding repairs. Likely places are battery boxes and the floor support flanges.
Then you can start adding suspension parts.
Its too long a story all at once, but do this and then stay in touch with this BB and you will not be short of advice!
Art Pearse

Joe, where are you located in NC? There are several British Car clubs that may be in your area. is a fantastic group located around the Hendersonville area. I belong to Foothills British Car Club centered around Greenville/Anderson/Pickens. I'm sure there are others. This BBS and British car clubs are the best sources for help in reassembling/maintaining our wonderful cars.


'62 MGA MkII
J K Chapin

Joe, pretty much anything you may need to know about an MGA can be found online at Barney's site:

.....and specifically, here's the link to his pages where sequence of restoration is discussed in detail:

Good luck with the effort!
Nick Kopernik

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