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MG MGA - assembly sequence

Hey all, I am close to installing the motor into the newly cleaned and painted frame. Is it better/easier to install the motor and gearbox together? Is there anything that should go first? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Tom, if they are both out I would join them on the bench then install in the car. You need the gearstick out I think.
Art Pearse

Tom, I recommend as Art says. You will need to install the gearbox extension after the motor and g/box are in. This can be achieved through the small cover on top of the transmission tunnel, a bit fiddly and squeezy but achievable.
Barry Gannon

Unless the tunnel is on there is no need to remove shifter assembly. Tunnel and floor boards would follow engine and transmission instalation.
R J Brown

Sorry guys I do it the other way... Perhaps I like getting underneath. I trial fit the the engine and gearbox on the bench to ensure there are no burrs on the clutch spline. I find I can easily lift the box into position and get the mounting loosely bolted up. If you raise the front of the box as high as possible using a jack, you will find with the engine suitably angled down the engine goes on OK. I do this with the cylinder head off as the whole thing is lighter. There is no real problem getting the bolts in and tightened up. I have done this with the tunnel and floor boards in position and gear lever out.
There you go Thomas - do it whichever way takes your fancy.
P N Tipping

I am taking my engine and trans out. I plan to take them out as a unit and leave the floors and tunnel in. If I can't get the remote off the trans, I will then unbolt the trans and take them out separately, but it's easier to get to the first set of bolts than the second.

Let us know what and how you did!

AJ Mail

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