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MG MGA - aster Slave Storage

Hey Folks, I have just finished rebuilding the master/slave cylinder for the 1600. It is completly dissasembled and it will be stored for another 3 months. I plan on using silicon fluid upon assembly. Should I lubricate the parts with silicon fluid as I assemble the unit? Thanks< Tom
Thomas McNamara

dominic clancy


Because the MC is cast iron your biggest worry over the next three months is rust. Even warm, dry storage may not be enough to prevent some light surface rust. A light coating of machine oil should keep the rust at bay until you are ready to install. Of course you will need to thoroughly clean the MC before assembly and installation. If you want to keep the exterior of the MC from rusting give it a couple of coats of clear engine clear coat. Take care to avoid getting any paint inside the MC.

As you suggest, do use the silicon fluid as an assembly lubricant. The main MC seals are a real #*%^ to get on the pistons, particularly when wet with brake fluid. But without the lubrication it would be impossible.

Here is a link to very complete, step by step MC rebuild instructions by Chad Pagel and posted on the site; The rebuilder appears to be using WD-40 as an assembly lube, I would suggest sticking with whatever flavor of brake fluid you are using to avoid any contamination issues. Nitrile gloves are a good idea as well.

Notes on possible MC piston variations from Barney

jjb Backman


I presume that you were previously using another type of brake fluid?

Are you then also replacing the clutch and brake cylinders and all the pipes (both brakes and clutch)? If not, you must ensure that they are all completely flushed of any trace of the other fluid and you should replace all seals.

Silicon fluid and other fluids are not compatible and cross contamination is probably the prime cause of problems arising, with some silicon users (incorrectly) blaming the silicon fluid for those problems.

Steve Gyles

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