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MG MGA - Attitude adjustment and GT-33 tech session

For the latest installment of MGA body sill replacement (and body restoration), see here:
The short of it is the body is in smooth primer, about to turn red again in the next few days. The pace of progress is quickening, planned to be back on the road within 4 weeks (6 weeks max). It has to be, because it has a driving appointment.

A week ago I committed to getting the car to the NAMGAR GT-33 in western Pennsylvania in early July. I was then promptly drafted to present a tech session at the GT. It may be about two hours covering a wide variety of items on "Drivability". This will be heavily loaded toward reliability issues, so you can go anywhere any time and drive your MG with reckless abandon, fully confident that it will always get where it's going without problems. A few items on the agenda will be electrical connectors, ignition system, fuel system, cooling system, wire wheels and hub splines, periodic maintenance, and what tools or spare parts to carry for a road trip. For safety and performance I will touch on tires and suspension tweaks, mild engine mods, seat belts, roll bar, power cut-off, and how to avoid being run over. I will also cover some useful accessories, minor modifications and creature comforts, like trailer hitch, luggage rack, navigator's desk, gear ratio changes, cup holders (perish the thought), auxiliary lighting, relays, fuses, alternator, change of batteries and polarity, and installation of some electronic devices. We will likely run out of time before I run out of subject material, but there will be time for some Q&A during and after the tech session (and throughout the week whenever you can catch me).

I am not going to stir up "who's going to the GT?" again. This is just to confirm that I will be there and will be happy to meet and greet and chat with anyone who happens to show up. I will also be arriving two days early to partake of the Twin Cam Golden Jubilee activities. At this time I do not intend to stay the following weekend for the vintage races (maybe). Side trips after the event are currently open to suggestion. As usual, I hope to meet as many MG enthusiasts as possible.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude
Barney Gaylord

See you there!
James Johanski

Barney - I'm really looking forward to seeing you at the GT!! Your Tech Session will probably be SRO, so I better get there early to get a seat :)
- Ken
Ken Doris

See you there also.

Do you have a Date and Time yet for your presentation?

Mark Hester

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