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MG MGA - Aussie v US Dollar

For the first time in 28 years, the Australian dollar is expected to be on par with the US dollar, and may even reach A$1.28 according to forecasters. Now what does this do to the MGA World?...for a start, I can see more LHD A's arriving on our shores. Just keep the prices down fellows! We already have an estimated 20 containers a week arriving with "Yank tanks" as we call them...the custom car and retro 50's & 60's market is huge in Oz...all this now aided by the dollar situation.
Now to track down that hidden mga twin cam in some barn in California!

Gary Lock

The only good side to the economic mess that the present administration has placed the US in is that our dollar will be so weak that foreign investment will come to our shores, at least if the government works to make the business climate once again a friendly climate. So far though, it isn't promising.
Mike Parker


Are you trying to start flamewars up again Mike?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Here are our ancestors LOL
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

No Bob, I'm just venting.
Mike Parker

No Bob, I'm just venting.
Mike Parker

Look at that, two vents!
Sorry for the double post.
Mike Parker

Gary know what you mean. Just worked out I can buy and ship a new set of USA mags here for about $600 Aussie which is cheaper than the local ones...and about half of the cost is freight! Don't worry guys (in USA) things will turn around, we (Aussies and Poms) are there to support you guys like you did for us...
Mark Mathiesen

Now is the time to start ordering parts from the US. Even when the dollar was .80 it was cheaper to pay the freight than buy local.
DJ Lake

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