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Fitted my missing AUSTER plate on the windscreen recently & I began to wonder about the history of this company. Stumbled across this picture on the Birmingham History Forum & thought that it might be of interest to some of you. I donít think this company is still trading. The closest link that I made with this name was with the AUSTER aircraft industry that ceased in 1968. Can any of you historians confirm this? I wonder how many other companies that made up the parts for the ĎAí still exist.

r a evans

I cannot add to the Auster story. However, Bluemel's is another MGA and MG in general supplier. A Bluemel's light alloy steering wheel was offered as an optional extra for the MGA (Part No. AHH5800-Y). Their wheels were also standard on T-Series cars and earlier MGs. The Bluemel's wheels are still made and badged as such but under Kimble ownership.

The attached image is of a Bluemel's advert back in 1937 at the Bicycle and Motor Cycle Show at Earls Court.


Steve Gyles

Hi folks. If memory serves, I believe Auster was a manufactuer of aircraft and aircraft parts. I could be wrong, but I think that Auster aircraft co perhaps built the windscreen for the MGA roadster. I will look on the net and see what I can find. Glenn. It looks like BMC and Auster were corporately linked. Here is what I found:

The British Executive & General Aviation Limited (trading as BEAGLE) was formed in 1960 when the Pressed Steel Company combined its aircraft design office with the former aircraft manufacturers Auster Aircraft Company of Rearsby, Leicestershire and F.G Miles Limited of Shoreham, Sussex.

Initially the three parts of the company operated independently, the Rearsby factory as Beagle-Auster Limited [1]and the Shoreham factory as Beagle-Miles Limited. This did not last long and the three parts of the company were merged at Shoreham as Beagle Aircraft Limited in 1962.

The parent company Pressed Steel became part of the motor industry when it was absorbed into the British Motor Corporation. The company reviewed the involvement in light aircraft manufacturing and requested financial help from the British Government. The British government bought Beagle in 1966 and provided the help needed. When the company needed more financial help the Government put the company into receivership. The Receiver tried to revive and sell the company (now re-named Beagle Aircraft (1969) Limited), but failed and the company assets were disposed of.
Glenn Hedrich

Hi spent many happy hours in this one that belonged to a very good friend of mine, circa 1968-1972 ish

an Auster J1N Alpha


g c pugh

I could be very wrong but I don't think there was any connection between the Auster who made windscreens and the Auster aircraft.

The Auster, as in aircaft, was made by Taylorcraft. Post WWII it became their main product and they changed their name to Auster Aircraft Limited in March 1946 (It says on the Auster Club website).

Auster Ltd who made the windscreens had been going long before that.

Auster is a name given by the Romans to a warm wind.
Malcolm Asquith

The Auster frames were made by a firm Auster Triplex, well known UK makers of car and aero windshields. Just Google, and there is a great selection of stories.
Gary Lock

Just to add, Auster had a factory in Birmingham, and an office in New Kings Rd., Fulham. See the advert. under Flight magazine using Google.
Gary Lock

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