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MG MGA - Automobilia and Transport Auction

I have just noticed an internet live auction of automobilia, car parts etc coming up at Heathfield Auction Rooms on 28 April. There are a number of MG and BMC parts lots including the odd one for the MGA. Might be worth a browse:

Steve Gyles

Interesting couple of good bits on there, I also noticed a OXO sign - one of which I have hung on the wall, nice estimate.

On the subject of sales, I am having a clear-out in the cellar.

I have a complete windscreen assembly in presentable condition for sale. The glass is OK (a little de-lamination on one edge) and the chrome is pretty good (no scratches). If anyone is interested please raise your hand before it goes on eBay

Also for sale is a set of the Kingsbury Radiator muffs - the correct ones rather than the ones that surfaced on eBay a few weeks ago. The correct ones are exactly as shown by Barney, with scallops to fit the radiator grill of the MGA. Complete with new mounting hardware.

I also have

A pair of disc wheel coarse line rear shafts

Lower inner piece for an adjustable steering column

A pair of good rear shock absorbers

Triple V Crank pulley for a MGA Judson (enables the use of the standard crankshaft dog-nut so you can hand-crank the car)

A good used dynamo

An indicator switch (housing has an epoxy repair at the dashboard end but it works just fine)

There will be more in the next few weeks


dominic clancy


Better save the radiator muff for Steve, as his car runs so cool...


Bit of aluminium foil will do me!

Still won't go above 173. 170 is the norm. That asymmetric fan is very good.

Steve Gyles

A few days ago my second asymmetrical plastic fan threw a blade, this time doing minor damage to the radiator. lost one steel blade in 29 yeas, about 300,000 miles. Now failed two plastic fans in less than a year, 34,000 miles. Not sure about these things, but I might try once more.
Barney Gaylord

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