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MG MGA - B engine into A--starter questions

I've currently installing a '65 B engine into a '59 A.

Starter questions:

1) Can the A engine's starter be used on the B engine? (Starter I have is from the original '59 A engine). I've tried this and it looks like I'll have to create a "bubble" in the floorboard to make room for the starter drive assembly. After studying some catalogs, it also appears that some A starters use 10 tooth drives and others 9 tooth drives. Will either one engage the B's ring gear?
2) Will the early B starter have the same problem as the A starter? I assume so.
3) Will the new gear reduction starters (as offered by Moss) work? After studying the picture of Moss's, it appears that the gear reduction starter engages the ring gear from the FRONT of the ring gear rather than the back, thereby eliminating the starter drive assembly interference with the firewall.
4) If the gear reduction starter will fit, will there be any other interference, such as with the A's frame?

JM Morris

Yes, yes, yes, and no. You must use engine rear plate that matches the gearbox. See extended comments on the other bbs.
Barney Gaylord

This thread was discussed on 02/10/2011

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