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MG MGA - Back driving again

Our roadster is back on the road again after four and a half years. It has new wheels ,reco (motor ,gearbox,diff). We (my daughter and I)have used the old trim to get it back on the road. Thank you to the combined knowledge of the bbs and the MGA Guru. Bob & Amy

Bob Walker

Is the Automatic for real?
Mike Ellsmore

Yes an auto box from a MGB
Bob Walker

Bob Walker

What does the shifter mechanism look like?

I admire your ingenuity!
Steven Devine

It has the gearstick and mechanism from a MGB. not the correct knob though. Amy
Bob Walker

There was a recent article in safety fast uk about another automatic mga. Believed at the time to be the only one. If you start a new topic on mga automatic you may get some more interest going.

Mark Hester

Any chance you can throw a picture of it on the bbs?

The shifter that is....

What's it like to drive? I can not imagine what it must be like, an MGA with an automatic.

That must have taken some good fabrication skills to mount in.
Steven Devine

We put it on Dyno tune(roll road)and it got 160km. I like it. It also has a super charger.


Bob Walker

Sorry I meant 160 km per hour
Rolling road
Bob Walker

Thanks for sharing that....unique!
Steven Devine

Thanks for sharing that....unique!
Steven Devine

There was an automatic Coupe built in Brisbane about 3 years ago, but was sold and is now in Perth.
Gary Lock

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