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MG MGA - back togather

Fletcher, you were right about the clutch release arm pivots on my A giving gearbox hassles. The cover plate mounting holes were very oval and as the carbon thrust wore down a bit the centre was draging on the input shaft. I pulled the box apart again and found that nothing was wrong with last years rebuild. It is now much better shifting , though still a bit notchy to 2nd when cold and fine when warmed up. The oil is 20/50 mineral. It should ease up when cold after a few more miles. Thanks again for your input , and not forgetting Barney.. Sean
S Sherry


Did you also replace the thrust bearing lever pivot bush? Mine was badly worn, allowing the thrust bearing to run off centre (see image). FRM correctly diagnosed that one too.

One of the symptoms I suffered was juddering when engaging the clutch - most noticeable from stationary.


Steve Gyles

Yes Steve I had the end plate bushed and new bush and pin in the arm. Self inflicked wounds, I'm always in to much of a hurry. Fletcher's blood is worth bottling ! Regards Sean
S Sherry

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