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MG MGA - Backfiring in hard turns

When going around a long turn (e.g., cloverleaf), my car is sputtering, chugging, and backfires during the turn. I search the archives and Barneyville, but didn't find anything. First thought is that the level in the fuel bowls is too low. Has anyone else had (and solved) this problem? Appreciate any help, Dennis
Dennis Suski

One quick question. Does it do this in right hand turns only? Or will it do the same in a left hand turn?

I once had an ignition coil that was orientation sensitive. It was on my garden tractor where the coil was positioned with the wired end up. Drive onto left sloping ground and the engine would quit. Push it to flat ground or sloping to right, and it would start and run fine. With the coil on the work bench and ohm meter connected, it was obvious if tipped in a certain direction it would break the internal electrical connection.

Remove the coil and shake it. If it rattles, see how far you can throw it.
Barney Gaylord

I had this on left hand turns only - water was dripping down from the heater valve and went onto the distributor when I turned left.
Cam Cunningham

I have had a problem on the track with my Coupe (Weber carburetors) because of low fuel level on a long sweeping left hand bend at high speed. Solved by putting a bit more fuel in the tank!
Mike Ellsmore

Sorry about that - misread the query - my car wasn't backfiring only missing.
Mike Ellsmore

If Barney's analysis does not solve it, then perhaps a rubbed/bared wire in the ignition circuit shorting against metal with the lateral G.

Steve Gyles

Problem solved: I didn't fit the Low Tension Insulator in the distributor housing slots the last time I had the cap off and it would swing around and short out as I went around hard turns. I thought it was a fuel thing, but I should have remember that over 90% of suspected fuel problems are electrical. Thanks for the comments guys....Dennis
Dennis Suski

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