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MG MGA - Banjo axle.

What is it and how do I tell if my car has it?
H L Davy

It's a standard MGA axle.

It is also the type of axle fitted to mgb roadsters up to 1967.
Dave O'Neill 2

"It is also the type of axle fitted to MGB roadsters up to 1967."


All MGB GTs had the late style axle, even before 1967.
Bill Spohn

But the GT isn't a roadster! ;)
Steve Simmons

The 'banjo' part is referring to the shape of the diff. housing, the diff centre is often called a 'pumpkin' What variety of pumpkin I know not.
Don TF 4887 'Figaro' (my TC has a 'banjo' diff)
D J Walker

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