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I have had my MGA almost exactly a year, having (and still have) Sprites before that.
I see that very regularly answers to technical queries here refer the originator to a page on Barney's website. I have referred back to this more times than I can count which makes me realise the value of this amazing source of information.
I am sure it will have been said before but Barney, thank you for your time, effort and dedication. Your data is invaluable and must be the envy of a lot on non-MGA owners.
Graeme Williams

Nice words. Well said Graeme.

Steve Gyles

Here here. We are very fortunate to have the benefit of all Barneys expertise and all his hard work in publishing it. I find it both useful when dealing with an issue in the car, but also just for informative reading.

I don't know what it costs Barney to run the site but I am sure most of us would be happy to subscribe as members and to contribute towards his costs.

Incidentally, like you I have a Sprite as well. Not sure if u have seen it but there is a Sprite guru site as well. Very helpful and useful but not as comprehensive as Barney's. But it is growing.
Graham V

I haven't checked for a while, but didn't the Sprite Guru site close down?

In the 5 mins for editing time, I did the obvious and checked: it's still up and running.
Graeme Williams

Thanks for the compliments. The web site has a lot more content than just the tech pages. The tech pages were not so difficult. I just posted 200 new web pages per year for 15 years, and voila, 3000 tech pages for MG. It grows when people ask questions. You should start on the home page and check out the links to the rest of the site.

I am also webmaster for Chicagoland MG Club since turn of the century. That one also has substantial tech information for MGs (more MGB than anything else). It is easy to find, just type "MG club" into a search engine, and it pops up on the first page of search results (and you don't even have to tell it Chicago). I suppose that makes it a world renown MG club web site.

Another good MG web site is This is administered by another member of Chicagoland MG Club, a younger follow Seth Jones. It has been on line for several years and is still growing with demand. He is just beginning restoration of his family heirloom MG midget.

These three web site have MG pretty well covered, although we are still shy on info for T-types and MMM cars.
Barney Gaylord

I agree Graeme, Barneys website is just amazing, its like having your own personal Classic-Car Specialist available 24 hours per day.

When I first got my present MGA almost 9 years ago I remember finding the MGA GURU site whilst browsing online and then spending a really enjoyable next few days just reading it.

I must admit that I look at it every day to see what comes up.

I always felt a slight sense of envy towards those whose pictures and ideas that Barney deemed worthy of publishing on his website.
So I was really pleased a few years ago when I heard that he had finally included something I had written about.
Until I realised that it was my tongue-in-cheek suggestion for the use of a spare battery tray.

So although I had finally reached the lofty heights of being mentioned in MGA Gura, Im sure that Barney included it more for its comedy value than anything else. :-)

Fortunately he has since then included a few more practical things that I have written about so I now feel that I have finally contributed something more useful to the cause. :-)


Colyn Firth

Yes a great source, thanks to Barney.

Paul Dean

And thanks to Colyn for his valuable contributions to Barney's site and NMGAR!
Bayard DeNoie

Only yesterday I used the spare battery space (which is on the other side on my car, and over the exhaust) to reheat a fine Irish Stew with extra veg and sticky toffee pudding. The custard was a bit of a letdown.
Graeme Williams

Thanks for that Graeme, it's good to know that someone else out there has a similar sense of humour to mine!☺
Colyn Firth

Thanks Bayarde, it's good to finally hear that someone actually read the stuff I wrote that NAMGAR were gracious enough to publish.☺

I should soon have some more updates on my twin-electric cooling fans for them later in the year.(assuming I get my engine back in soon)
Cheers. Colyn
Colyn Firth

Colyn - Electric cooling fans - is that for the ice machine?
Graham V

Colyn - removing the engine so you can have more space to pack in more luggage and spare parts rather defeats the object.
Graeme Williams

I also find great nuggets of information. But, when reading about a replacement part that either works or more importantly doesn't work, please note the date of the post. Some posts are quite dated and the problem might have been fixed long ago, or the part mentioned may no longer be available.

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