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MG MGA - battery box


this is one for who drive's on a single 12v battery.
I want to make a spare box/toolbox in the second battery carrier.Are there metal or pvc box's available?


I use a plastic "Rubbermaid" kitchen container that is made for holding flour. It has a tight fitting lid and I use a bungy cord to hold it down to the battery tray. Works well for the last 9 years,(20,000 miles). Had to access it to get to my spare fuel pump last summer. First roadside repair since completing the car.
Ed Bell

I have the "some" set-up as Ed's has worked well for years.
David Werblow

I made a 6 mm plywood box with top measured to fit carrier and painted black. Fixed in position with side screws.
J H Cole

I also vote for the "Rubbermaid" approach. I stoled mine from the kitchen cabinet years ago. It keeps everything dry and dust free just fine.
Keith Lowman

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