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MG MGA - Battery box cleaning and painting

I am in the process of changing from (2) six volt batteries to (1) twelve volt battery (Varta C22, about 35 mm longer). What is the best to clean all the grunge off before painting ( I washed with carb soda then degreaser then wire brushed)? I was thinking of using gasket stripper that generally removes paint fairly well?
What is a good paint to use to protect it from future corrosion?
Mike Ellsmore

Aircraft use a anti-corrosion battery compartment paint, that is a soft paint, and very thick. If you have a local airport using airport transfers sevenoaks.... enquire there.

... CR
C.R. Tyrell

Despite being an aircraft mechanic, I had never heard of that stuff. Google revealed the following link, although I am not sure where you would find it in Australia:

The aircraft battery trays I have dealt with have pretty much all been epoxy primed.

D Rawlins

Even the power transformers are painted in two pack now
There used to be a paint called transformer coating that we painted the inside of our racing Chev blocks with, It dried rock hard and nothing would eat it. But I havn't seen it for a few years now, so that's not much help is it.
If you want something to clean everything off your battery box----
Oven cleaner,give it a good soak and hit it with a high pressure washer
William Revit

That's the stuff Del. I had to get some to coat the battery tray and stainless firewall of the Harvard Mk4 I am restoring. I think that they used it in the '50's as most paint did not adhere to stainless that well. Not like todays products.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

Mike if nothing else turns up use 'cold galvanising' paint and apply several coats.
BM Gannon

About 15 years ago when I re-did my pickup truck, I powder coated the battery tray, then sprayed some kind of aerosol rubberized battery try coating on it, and put one of those yellow battery pads down under the battery. I have yet to note any sign of corrosion starting. Modern batteries also seem to be a lot less prone to causing problems.

D Rawlins

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