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MG MGA - battery cable location

Does the battery cable go to the inside of the frame, or to the outside of the frame, to connect to the starter switch.

G Goeppner

It goes wherever you connect it on the starter switch. It would seem reasonable to connect the battery cable to the outboard terminal and the starter cable to the inboard terminal, just so the cables don't have to cross over, and the starter cable is easier to service. However, experience tells me different. I have long since changed mine to have the starter cable connected outboard and the battery cable connected inboard.

Note there are additional wires connected to the battery cable on this terminal post. Originally there is one fat brown wire that runs to the control box "A" terminal. When I installed an alternator I added another fat wire here from the alternator. For added accessories there may be more wires to be tapped from the battery cable, such as for headlight relays (if you feel the need), fog or driving lamp relays, air horn relay, or cigar lighter power tap. Such additional wires are easier to service on the inboard post.

But the most important reason why I connect the battery cable to the inboard post of the starter switch is for accessibility for using a battery charger or a jumper cable. It is almost impossible to connect a jumper cable clamp to the outboard terminal without shorting it to ground on the pull rod that extends from center of the switch.
Barney Gaylord

This thread was discussed on 23/07/2012

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