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MG MGA - Battery cover

My battery cover has a sheet of galv. steel tacked to the underside,with a 1/4" space. Was this original? Doesn't look it to me! Was there soundproofing ?
Art Pearse

Battery cover was singe layer sheet metal with doubled over edges. NO heat shield, no insulation. But there was an optional rear carpet kit to cover the battery cover and inner fenders in back. I think the coupe also had carpet on the rear bulkhead. I have always installed carpet on the battery cover, maybe more for sound deadening than for heat insulation.
Barney Gaylord

Should the Dzus fasteners have a locking collar/ring as mine easily fall out of the holes in the cover.
S P Rossetto

There should be some sort of retention, ive not had mine off for a while but im sure there is
V Rafter

The Dzus fasteners twist onto a wire keep that has a spiral on each end that is rivetted through the cover.
J H Cole

The dzus 'screws' have two diameters - the main tip diameter and a smaller neck diameter. The original clearance hole diameter in the cover is reduced after the 'screw' is inserted by using an annular punch from the backside. If you look carefully you can just see the witness 'ring' of the punch in the cover metal. After the punching the screw is held captive. Over the years I guess rust will reduce the 'screw' tip diameter until it eventually falls out. If you don't have an annular punch you could possibly use a centre punch and go around the circumference of the hole. mike
m.j. moore

As Mike states the fastener has a narrow "waist" that allows it to turn but not come out. A PO must have driven them out of the primed cover in the picture. These are both stock otherwise. The covers were make from a simple sheet of steel that was bent folded and then welded in the front corners.
If your Dzus fastners fall out you can carefully weld up and redrill the holes to the proper size then drive the fastner through the tight hole.

R J Brown

Funny enough I was looking at my battery cover only today. It has no fixings and I was wondering whether there was a danger that if it slipped, the metal underneath could possibly short the batteries?

Graham, See also my new thread "Battery and fuel Safety"
BM Gannon

Graham how does your cover stay in place with no fixings ?
V Rafter

I have a couple of slots, looks like for a toggle clamp. No Dzus fittings
Art Pearse

Hi, There is a slot at the back and it just sits there. The hood rests on it as well so it has nowhere to go really. There are no fixings at all.

On a related topic does anyone know where to get the rubber moulding for the small lip on the front of the battery cover of 1600's. I lost mine a few years ago.


John Francis


Todd Clarke (Clarke Spares & Restoration) sells the seal for the battery cover.
Jim Ferguson


Thanks but I've tried Todd and he says he can't help with it.

John Francis

you will find what you a looking for at the link above post.

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