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MG MGA - battery hold down, or not?

Is it necessary to provide a hold down bracket for the battery? The Group 26 size is a close fit in the battery tray, and there isn't much space for a bracket and J bolts. I've seen straps that wrap around the battery, not sure if that is a good solution.

George G.

It's VITAL to tie the battery down. If it jumps around and the live terminal connects directly to the ground you will have at least sparks and at worst a battery fire.

That said, a strap is enough as long as it has a secure buckle or ratchet fitting.
dominic clancy

X2 what Dominic said!

If you use a hold down bar, just make sure it is well out of the way of the battery terminals when you tighten it down, or at the very least, well insulated.

Colyn Firth

Isn't the cover over the back axle metal and that is also over the battery (and earthed)!
Graeme Williams

It's a necessity. Just ask my friend who though it wasn't when the battery shifted out of the frame and grounded it self somehow to the battery access cover. What a dangerous mess. Fortunately nobody was hurt and the car did not completely go up in flames.
Tommy Baker

Does anybody use the factory option of battery covers?
Check Barney's website.

M F Anderson

A firmly secured battery---saved our lives---
My wife and I were out on an MG Club Run. We were driving my new conversion--a Rover V/8 engined MG B.
A car crashed into the side of our roadster and we rolled onto the driver's side.
The fuel tank was near full---the V/8 was fuel injected---the rail was still pressurised---there was petrol every where round us.
Thank goodness that the battery was very firmly secured.
There was also a kill switch fitted. I easily reached it and isolated the power. Another worth while inclusion.
The bad luck could well have turned into a disaster.
Batterys must be secure.
I.W. Cowen.

Thanks for all the sensible comments. I will include a battery hold down!

George G.

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