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MG MGA - battery not charging

With new regulator and a rebuild of the genarator I still have no charge into the battery. The integerity of the wireing is ok and an Auto Electrican has not been able to fix it. Joining the F and D wires produces 20 plus volts and 25 plus amps at a fast idle, so the generator is ok. There is only battery voltage at the A and A1 terminals, the ground to the regulator box is good. Any suggestions gratefully received Thanks Sean ( '57 A positive ground)
P.S. Is it possible to test the new regulator off the car ? ?
S Sherry

Very common is bad connections to the batteries, either cables to clamps or clamps to posts (or the combined effect).
Neil McGurk

Remove the regulator cover and watch the cut-out (the bobbin on the right) as someone starts and slightly revs the engine, does it operate? If it doesn't then you may have a faulty cut out coil or dirty regulator contacts. See what happens.
Lindsay Sampford

Has the auto-electrican checked both batteries as well

New regulators have been setting in the box for many moons.,. All you might have to do is clean the contacts.(burnish) use 4-600 grit wet or dry followed by solid cardboard to clean up the dust.
Moss even suggests that with replacement units.

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