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MG MGA - battery solution

As always the solution is to be found on this forum !
A 12v conversion using a recomended Oddeasy battery.
PC 680 MGT was an easy fit. Half the size of a six volt and about the same weight ,7 pounds. Only 17 amp hour but spins the engine as though the plugs were out. Instant start cold or hot, no maintence and a projected life of 10 years. Holds its charge for two years. costly at Aust. $300 , but you get what you pay for. Also, then fitted Iridiun plugs set at 34 thou., equals a smoother, steady idle and a nicer feel on the road. A big win this week ..... Sean
S Sherry

Both my MGA and my MGB now run with a single Odyssey battery Sean. I agree, they're brilliant. The one in the 'A' is half the size of a single six volt battery, like your's. I put one in the 'B' about 4/5'ths the size of the six volt unit. The smaller one in the 'A' matches the old twin 6 volters, the one in the 'B' feels like it would spin over a Kenworth with ease. Not that you need to, but you can also mount them sideways, upside down, or whatever. My neighbour's used one in his BMW for over 6 years so far.
By the way, I take it from what you've written, that you've decided to keep your MGA after all?
T Aczel

Yes I've decided to keep the A. Trying to find another larger car in similur condition is too hard. Everything I've looked at was rubbish, no matter how the owners decribed them. I gave them the benifit of the doubt , figureing that they did not know the difference.... Sean
S Sherry

I solved the battery issue in both of my MGA's by using a conventional (ie a common size, therefore relatively inexpensive) 12 volt battery in the right hand cradle with a small tool box (jack, wheel hammer, etc) in the left hand cradle. I put a small plug on the "ramp" behind the driver's seat which I use to connect to automatic chargers. The batteries are thus always fully charged and last a long time. I have a 6 volt battery in my M-type (which I also keep on an automatic charger) but 6 volt batteries do not seem to last very long--these days they are only used on plant machines (such as fork lifts, etc) which are used every day and do not seem to like standing around as most of our "hobby" cars do! The M-type 6 volt battery seems to last quite well, it would be a fairly big job to convert the M-type to 12 volts.
Barry Bahnisch

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