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MG MGA - Battery trickle charger

What maintenance chargers do people recommend? There are hundreds of types out there on the market. I'm told that some of the Ctec models don't allow for positive earth connections, and also they are no good for dry cell batteries such as Odyssey and TrueRiver.

I'm sticking to Positive earth, and use a dry cell.
Gary Lock

If you could find one of these Gary I have had good luck with them. I have 3 6 volt positive ground tractors and the MG and other vehicles and they work fine on them

I have one sitting on a 18 year old Ford Motorcraft battery for years,when I get home in the spring I want to do a load test on it and see if it's still any good.
gary starr

I have no idea how a battery charger is supposed to know which ground a car has, but I have found even the cheapest ones only require a load of some kind and they will work on a normal battery regardless of the ground polarity,
Dominic Clancy

Dominic- It doesn't know you have to hook it up correctly + to +,- to - no matter what the ground is
gary starr

I have an old Arlec4 trickle charger --BC228
It has Hi(normal) and Lo(trickle)and 6-12 v switches
It self regulates on low(probably on Hi as well) and you can just leave it on
I use it on the cars and on my electric mower which has a largeish dry cell battery
Has given faultless service for several years
William Revit

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