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MG MGA - Baulk rings

I am trying to decide if I should replace the brass baulk rings in the gearbox. What is the critical dimension or test measurement? There appears to be plenty of space left when the cones engage, before the cogs have to mesh. The doghouses are only slightly worn - can they, or should they be cleaned up?
Art Pearse

Art -
By now you should know that all of this stuff is on Barney!

Fletcher R Millmore

when I rebuilt my gearbox I replaced the second gear ring because it was worn and difficult to get into gear without double clutching. I left the third and fourth rings because they looked ok: not too much wear. When I got the box back together and drove the car I discovered that the third gear crunched a bit. Now I have stripped the car completely for restoration and have replaced all the rings in the box. My advice would be to replace them all. It's a big job to pull the box and rebuild for the sake of $50 or $60. I bought mine from NOS on Ebay.
M S Randell

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